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Financial Management – Principles and Practice


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Pedagogic aids :
– Each chapter begins with learning objectives.
– Illustrations immediately after explaining the principles.
– Numerous solved problems and problems with solutions appended to each chapter.
– Self-taught tools comprising fill-in-the-blank statements and true/false statements with answers at the end of each chapter.
– Skill building exercises which help students develop skill in the subject by bridging the gap between theory and practice.

New to this Edition –
– Chapter 1: Limited Liability Partnership, risk-return trade-off, and new role of finance manager in the contemporary scenario.
– New Chapters:
– Cash Flow Analysis
– Capital Market
– Corporate Value Based Management System
– Financial Information System
– Basics of Management Control System


Contents :

Part One : Introduction
1. An Overview of Financial Management
2. The Financial System
Part Two : Financial Planning
3. Cash Flow Analysis
4. Analysis of Financial Statements
5. Financial Planning
Part Three : Fundamentals Concepts
6. The Time Value of Money
7. Fundamentals of Risk and Return
8. Valuation of Bonds and Stocks
Part Four : Long-Terms Investment Decisions
9. The Cost of Capital
10. Techniques of Capital Budgeting
11. Risk and Refinements in Capital Budgeting
Part Five : Financial Decision
12. Capital Structure and Leverages
13. Capital Structure and Firm Valuation
Part Six : Long-Term Financing
14. Sources of Long-term Finance
15. Capital Market
16. Venture Capital Finance
17. Lease and Hire-Purchase Finance
18. Sources of Hybrid Finance
Part Seven : Short-Term Investment Decision
19. An Overview of Working Capital Management
20. Cash Management
21. Receivables Management
22. Inventory Management
23. Sources of Working Capital Finance
Part Eight : Dividend Decision
24. Dividend Policy − An Overview
25. Dividend Policy and Firm Valuation
Part Nine : Special Topics
26. Corporate Value Based Management System
27. International Financial Management
28. Financial Information System
29. Basics of Management Control Systems


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