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Financial Services Management


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Consequent upon the restructuring of the commerce and management curricula by the Mumbai University, many new subjects on thrust areas have recently been introduced. One such broad areas is the “Financial Service Sector” which comprises of financial products and services and their management.

Today, one can witness far-reaching changes and innovative developments in the financial markets in terms of products and instruments, adoption of modern technologies, establishment of specialised institutions, streamlining of the regulatory framework by regulatory bodies and so on. In the aftermath of this changing financial scenario, students are badly in need of a suitable text book covering all these aspects and incorporating the latest developments in the respective fields.

Realising the imperative need to bring out a suitable book on “Financial Service Management” tailored to meet the specific requirements of students of Mumbai University, a modest attempt has been made to present this edition in the hands of our academic community. The specialty of this volume is that all matters are presented in simple language notwithstanding the technical nature of the subject. Utmost care has been taken to provide a lucid exposition and clarity of the subject at all stages. All latest developments have been duly covered and above all it is most student-friendly. To facilitate recapitualation and better grasp of the subject, a large number of knowledge as well as higher abilities type questions are given at the end of each chapter.


Contents :

1. Financial Services
2. Merchant Banking
3. Hire Purchase
4. Leasing
5. Mutual Funds
6. Discounting, Factoring and Forfaiting
7. Securitisation of Debt
8. Derivatives
9. Credit Rating
10. Treasury Management
11. Depository System and Pledge


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Dr. K. Natarajan,

Prof. E. Gordon


Himalaya pub