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Encouraged by the widespread response and warn welcome given to the previous editions by the student community as well as the teacher fraternity of different universities, particularly Andhra Universities, we have pleasure in presenting the FIFTH revised edition in the hand of our esteemed readers.

The banking scenario in India is changing fast to keep pace with the International Banking practice. As a result, the banks of India have been asked to meet specific standards such as Capital Adequacy Norms. Classification of Assets, Income Recognition Norms. Basel III Accord etc. Further, now directions have been issued to bring the NBFCs under strict control and to improve their financial health. Money reforms have taken place both in the primary and secondary markets to make the capital market vibrant.

All these developments have been accommodated in this edition at suitable places with a view to providing the latest information in the field of finance. Again, the latest developments in the field of banking like recent legislation affecting banking in India. Shadow banking, women’s bank, virtual currency, NBFC – Factors etc. are included in this edition. Special attention has been given to present the latest data in all the chapters.


Contents –

1. Overview Of Indian Financial System
2. Financial Services
3. Indian Banking System
4. Innovations in Banking
5. Money Lenders and Indigenous Banking
6. Co-Operative Banking
7. Regional Rural Banks and NABARD
8. Development Banking
9. Reserve Bank of India
10. Non-Banking Financial Institutions
11. Banker and Customer
12. Deposits
13. Passbook
14. Opening of Accounts – Special Types of Customers
15. Negotiable Instruments
16. Crossing
17. Endorsement
18. Paying Banker
19. Collecting Banker
20. Loans and Advances
21. Credit Appraisal
22. Money Market
23. Primary or New Issue Market
24. Secondary Market
25. Securities and Exchange Board of India
26. Financial Intermediaries and Services
27. Insurance Services
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