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Fitness Evaluation Tests for Competitive Sports


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Sports performance is the central concept in competitive sports. Sport training aims at improving the performance of athletes. Knowledge of sports performance is therefore a starting point for talent selection, formulation of sports training schedule and its assessment and evaluation.

Theory of sports performance is a relatively new addition to the general and specific methods of training. The sports performance depends upon physical fitness, technique and tactics which are interrelated and interdependent. Physical, physiological, psychological and nutritional factors also affect performance. For proper control and regulation of the improvement of physical fitness components is needed. Performance evaluation is essential to grade the athlete. These tests form essential criteria for selection of sportspersons for various sports disciplines.

For Interpretation of sportsmen`s performance, several researchers have attempted and developed normative data. With the help of these norms or standards, one can easily assess the level of sprotsmen`s performance and categorize them accordingly. A number of physical fitness tests have been formulated in various countries but are hardly available in one literature. With the increasing involvement of youth in the area of sport there is a need for evaluation of physical performance so as to ascertain their suitability for training and future performance. Nutritional and health status are key factors influencing the performance. Besides physical fitness, mental and emotional stability in competitive sports is of dire importance.

Strength and conditioning professionals spend a great deal of time and effort trying to improve athletic performance. Coaches can evaluate each athlete by using the results of a vast battery of tests.


Book Content of Fitness Evaluation Tests for Competitive Sports
Part I : Introduction to Physical Fitness
Part II : Performance Evaluation
1. Performance Evaluation to Monitor Athletic Development
2. Aerobic Fitness
Part III : Performance Evaluation Tests
3. Aerobic

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