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Fundamentals of Banking and Insurance (1st Year BBA Kurukshetra Univ)


“Fundamentals of Banking and Insurance” serves as a comprehensive guide that elucidates the details and principles underlying two critical sectors of the financial landscape: Banking and Insurance. Authored by seasoned experts in the field, the book aims to equip readers with a robust understanding of the fundamental concepts, practices, and regulations governing these industries.

At its core, the book delves into the foundational principles of banking and insurance, elucidating the roles, functions, and significance of these institutions within the broader framework of the economy. The book explores into the details of banking operations, covering areas such as deposit mobilization, lending practices and banking instruments. It explains the various types of banking institutions, including commercial banks, investment banks, and central banks, while also exploring the dynamics of financial markets and instruments.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Banking
2. Banking Instruments
3. Granting Advances
4. Utility Functions of a Bank
5. Introduction to Insurance
6. Life Insurance
7. General Insurance
8. An Overview of Fire Insurance
9. Marine Insurance
10. Health Insurance



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Rohit Garg,

Tanu Arora


Himalaya pub


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