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Fundamentals of Industrial Psychology


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The scope of this book covers the needs of university students of industrial psychology and other advanced studies of Institute of Business Management teaching courses for preparation of prospective directors, managers and supervisors for several aspects of industries. The purpose of this book is to assist all engaged in different kinds of industrial pursuits in order to become more human in the interests of all concerned. The study of industrial psychology will be helpful in resolving many industrial issues and and problems related to various types of workers,engaged at an industrial centre.


Book Content of Fundamentals of Industrial Psychology
1. Nature, Scope, Problems, Objectives and Areas
2. Economic Foundation of Industrial Psychology
3. Social Foundations of Industrial Psychology
4. Psychological Foundations of Industrial Psychology
5. Human Elements in Industrial Psychology
6. Human Elements in Industry
7. Individual Differences
8. Psychological Tests in Industries
9. Guidance, Need, Meaning, Kinds, Purposes and Assumptions
10. Education and Vocational Guidance
11. Time and Motion Study
12. Attitudes
13. Morale
14. Monotony
15. Fatigue
16. Motivation
17. Job Analysis
18. Advertisement
19. The Art of Selling
20. Interview
21. Selection of Workers
22. Job Satisfaction
23. Labour Welfare
24. The Maladjusted Worker
25. Labour Turnover
26. Industrial Conflict and Tension
27. Leadership in Industries
28. Supervision in Industries
29. Industrial Accident and Their Prevention
30. Evaluation of Workers

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