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Fundamentals of Investment Management


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This book on Investment Management has been written as an introduction to the world of investments. Many changes have taken place in the investment world. This revised edition of the book has incorporated changes and many new examples and illustrations have been added. It provides an insight into investment. It gives the investor choices of different kinds of investments. It explains the importance of risk and return in making investments.

It is a student-friendly book. It explains the concepts with many examples. It has provided the latest developments in Indian Stock Markets. Since Investment has now been developed as a course in many universities, it has been written to suit the requirements of the students and teachers in India.

This book provides an understanding of developments in investment in India. The following are some of its important features:

. It describes the investment environment in India.

. It discusses how the primary and secondary markets function.

. It explains the mechanics of trading in a stock market.

. It explains the mechanics of trading in a stock market.

. It Provides an insight into valuation of equity shares and bonds.

. Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis and efficient Market Theory are discussed in detail.

. The basic portfolio management techniques of portfolio selection have been explained and theories such as portfolio theory and capital market theory have been discussed.

. The difference between Capital Market Line and Security Market Line are explained.

. It has provided an explanation on managed mutual funds and other investments.

. It has given the basic explanation of derivatives like futures and options.

. It has provided the latest information on SEBI.


Contents –

Unit I : Investment Environment
1. Introduction to Investment Management
2. The Financial Syatem
3. New Issue and Stock Market in India – An Overview
4. Risk and Return
Unit II : Fixed Income Securities
5. Fixed Income Securities Analysis and Valuation
Unit III : Approaches to Equity Analysis
6. Equity Stock as an Investment


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