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Gateway to Successful Careers and Powerful Memory


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This book is an outcome of the author`s wide experience of students counseling, teaching, personalised consultations, series of articles, Lectures and originally published by regional Language overwhelmingly acclaimed throughout the Maharashtra.

In this book “Gateway to Successful Careers and Powerful Memory?” For the students, who have passed their 10th, 12th or just graduate different fields, number of courses are explained.

It also can wider your vision regarding the advanced study opportunities available in foreign countries with detailed address of institutions and available scholarships.

It helps you in building confidence while hunting for a job, give information about various job opportunities available through competitive exams like IAS etc. with hints on how to prepare for and secure a job.

It tells you why self-employment is better than a mere employment elsewhere, what and where is the scope, how to begin your independent business, how to raise capital for, how to prepare a Project Report etc. is explained in detail.

One more important characteristic of the book is, it helps you in building strong and sharp memory, what steps to be taken for its improvement, what precautions to be taken, what to be voided, what to adopted, various methods and experiments with illustrations.

The sayings printed out each page are confidence boosting and motivating, these will give readers a wider vision and delicious food for thought.

This book is very useful not only to the aspirants but also to their parents.


Book Content of Gateway to Successful Careers and Powerful Memory
1. What after 10th Standard
2. What after 12th Standard
3. What Next to B.Com
4. What Next to B.Sc
5. What Next to B.A
6. Opportunities to Incompletely Educated Adults (Correspondence Courses)
7. Job Hunting – Where and How?
8. Self-employment
9. Improve Your Memory
10. Educational Opportunity and Scholarship Abroad
11. Decide Quickly

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