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High Performance Management(Set of 3 Volume)


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The era of globalization and the global market-place has presented new challenges to the managerial staff of the ambitious corporate unit. As our own management gurus would put it, is this staff made of sterner stuff? To meet in creative and constructive ways the challenges of the new millennium, the art and science of management would call for four essentials: entrepreneurial vision, clarity of management concepts, socio-economic integration into the environs, and constant upgradation of men and materials. The present set of publications strives to make available to the globally aware management professional all the essential ideas and approaches for viable operations of the modern corporate unit. While the first volume comprises concepts and practices in the area of financial management and ideas implementation, the second volume brings together the tried and tested approaches in the management of materials and resources, of much relevance to the successful project manager`s repertoire. The third volume deals with the vital aspect of people and personnel in the context of human resources management and development. The publication would be of use to not only the student and teacher of management but also professionals and consultants in the field of modern result-oriented management concepts.

Book Content of High Performance Management(Set of 3 Volume)

Vol. I
Managing Ideas and Investment
Vol. II
Managing Materials and Resources
Vol. III
Managing People and Personnel


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Cyrus Guzder,

Nawal Prabhakar,

Sunethra Joseph


Himalaya pub