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How to Read Balance Sheet and Other Financial Statements?


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The objective of writing this book is to enable the reader to grasp without difficulty the salient features of the modern balance sheet. The importance of readily understanding the summarized statement of the affairs of public company, or of a private firm, will be denied by none. The man ofbusiness, who desires to estimate for himself the stability of his customers, the capitalist who proposes to enterinto a commercial partnership with an existing firm, the investor who has acquired, or thinks of acquiring, shares or debenttures in a trading corporation, and the accountant whose duty is to understand all that pertains to the accounts he controls, should be able to extract from a balance sheet the essential information he requires, or failing that, to frame such a series of searching questions as will result in laying bare the facts behind the figures.

This book is useful primarily for large and increasing body of men and women who have adventured their capital in various listed companies and unlisted companies and who desire to find some basis other then mere guesswork whereby they may estimate the safety and value of their investments. This book may be of service to the numerous creditors of companies. With help of this book, a layman who does not know about accountancy and financial statements can understand the balance sheet.

This book is not only useful for a layman but also useful for CA students, MBA students, CS students, ICWA Students, B.Com. Students and M.Com. Students, Professionals / Research Institutions / Companies / businessmen. This book is also useful for teachers and students of Finance, Commerce, and Management like MBA, PGDBM, MFC, MBE, MFM.



1. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement – Introduction and Basic Information
2. How to Analyze Technical Terms in Balance Sheet?
3. How to the Balance Sheet Works?
4. How to Read Balance Sheet?
5. How to Read Profit and Loss Account?
6. How to Read and Interpret Cash Flow Statement?
7. How to Interpret a Financial Statement?
8. How to go About Analyzing a Company?
9. How to Understand Earnings Per Share (EPS)?


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