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Human Resource Information System


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During the past several decades, human resource function has been transformed from a relatively obscure record-keeping staff to a central and top level management function in an organization. The factors accountable for this change are – technological advances, human rights recognition, professionalism, unionization, government legislations etc. human beings are now widely recognizes as the most important resource in any organization. This has resulted in greater complexity in the field. The dire need exists to cope up with incredible volume of information and to classification, reclassification and further cross-classification. The can only be achieved through computer-based information system. Since 1970s, there is an increasing demand for computer based Human Resource (HR) system to enable Human resource Management (HRM) to be an effective and efficient function and provide a more positive service to the organization.

In view of growing important of Human resource Information system (HRIS), a majority of academic and professional institutions all over the world have recognized HRIS as a separate academic discipline with a high research focus or HIRS solution and implementation. However, there is almost an absence of appropriate literature on the subject especially in the Indian context. The attempt in this book presents a comprehensive view of the various HRIS related issues in the technology involved and its adaptablitity in organizations.


Contents –

Part – I Human Resource Management – System Approach
1. Human Resource Management – Systems and Strategies
2. Strategic Role of Information in HRM
3. Information Technology-Concepts & Issues
Part – II Human Resource Information Systems
4. HRIS Philosophy
5. HRIS Implementation and Control
6. Designing an HRIS Department
7. Statistical Application in HR
Part – III HRIS Sub-system
8. Compensation and Benefits Management
9. Training and Development
10. HR Planning and Analysis
11. Social Reporting
Part – IV Contemporary HRIS
12. HRIS Initiatives in Indian Companies
13. Recent Trends in HRM


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P.K. Gupta,

Susheel Chhabra


Himalaya pub