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If You are A Hindu Your Children Must Know This


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If You Are A Hindu Your Children Must Know This is a captivating journey through the evolution of Sanatan Dharma and its pantheon of gods and goddesses. Beginning with the cosmic forces that shaped the universe, the book elucidates the emergence of divine beings such as Bhagwan Brahma, Bhagwan Vishnu, and Bhagwan Shiva, highlighting their roles in the creation, preservation, and transformation of the universe. By far, this is the first book that has placed Sanatan gods and goddesses in a chronological order. A must-have for all Sanatani households, the book provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of their evolution and interconnectedness.

Contents –

1. If You Are a Hindu, Where Have You Come From?
2. Is The Universe as Old as You Are, or You Are as Old as The Universe Is?
3. What Does Sanatan Mean?
4. What is Sanatan Dharma?
5. How do we Explain Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh?
6. Who is Bhagwan Shiv?
7. Who is Bhagwan Vishnu?
8. Who is Bhagwan Brahma?
9. What is Brahman?
10. Who are Brahmins?
11. What Symbols Represent Bhagwan Shiv?
12. So, is Bhagwan Shiv a Formless Energy?
13. Which are Various Forms And Manifestations in Which Bhagwan Shiv is Worshipped?
14. What is Shivling?
15. What are Jyotirlingas?
16. How Many Jyotirlingas are in India?
17. If Bhagwan Shiv Ismasculine Energy, What is The Form Less Feminine Energy?
18. Who was Bhagwan Shiv Married to?
19. What Is Mata Parvati Known as?
20. What Are Some of Well Known Forms of Mata Parvati Known as?
21. Who were Bhagwan Shiv Andmata Parvati’s Children?
22. How did Mata Sati’s Body Parts Fall and Scatter on Earth?
23. What are Shakti Peethas?
24. Which and Where are These Shakti Peethas in Theworld?
25. Who was Bhagwan Brahma Married To?
26. But, Why is it Also Said That Mata Gayatri is Bhagwan Brahma’s Wife?
27. Why is Gayatri Mantra So Reverend?
28. What is Mata Saraswati Described as?
29. Does Bhagwan Vishnu Come to Earth or Bhuloka?
30. What are Avatars?
31. How Many Avatars Has Bhagwan Vishnu Taken so Far?
32. But Why Did Bhagwan Vishnu Take Different Avatars?
33. When Will Bhagwan Vishnu Take The 10th Avatar?
34. Who is Bhagwan Vishnu Married to?
35. Where Didmata Lakshmi Emerge From?
36. What is Vaikuntha?
37. Howfar is Vaikuntha From Earth?
38. Where are These 14 Lokas and Who Lives There?
39. Who is Manu?
40. Why Domost Rituals Beginwith Bhagwan Ganesha’s Name?
41. Who are Riddhi and Siddhi?
42. Andwho is Shubh and Labh?
43. What is Om?
44. What Does Chanting Om Do?
45. What are Yugas?
46. Which are Four Yugas?
47. What is Manvantar?
48. What will 14 Manvantars Lead to?
49. Which are Holy Books of Sanatan Dharma?
50. Which are Shruti Books of Sanatan Dharma?
51. Which are Smriti Books of Sanatan Dharma?
52. Which are Other Notable Smritis?
53. Which are Two Famous Epics of Sanatan Dharma?
54. Epilogue


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