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Implementation of National Food Security Act – 2013


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It gives us immense pleasure to bring forth our book “Implementation of National Food Security Act – 2013”

Food is one of the fundamental necessities of human beings, so in United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, first goal has set as to eradicate the poverty and hunger. Particularly in India, two-third of the population is around the poverty line. This group is spending most portion of their total monthly income on food grain. According to the report of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in between 2003 to 2005 near about 22 crore 50 lakh population is under malnutrition, it is 21 per cent of the total population of India. World Bank report (2006) shows that some states of India are facing poverty like African countries and some state are in the row of medium income group countries. It indicates the regional disparity in development of the nation. Different states use different ways to provide food to BPL population through PSD, and every state is facing the problem of weaker distribution system. Beyond the role of the government as welfare state, to ensure the right to food as right of the citizen of India, to make available nutritious, sufficient and cheaper food, the government of India passed a long waited bill as act, National Food Security Act 2013 on 12 September 201 3.

By the Act, the targeted group will get 5 kg of food grains per head per month. 67% of the total population 75% of rural and 50% of urban will be covered. It will provide rice, wheat and coarse food at Rs. 3, Rs. 2 and Rs. 1 per kg respectively. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are entitle to a nutritious “take-home ration” of 600 calories and a maternity benefit of at least Rs. 6,000 for six months. Children 6 months to 14 years of age are to receive free meals or “take-home rations” However, this Scheme will run by State Government with the help of Center Government’s subsidies. Central Government will incur the cost of 1 lakh 30 thousand crores per annum approximately on subsidy. It will increase the deficit of the nation.

This book covers issues like food insecurity in current climate in India, the issue of determinants of food security and hunger, governance issues and challenges in Implementation of National Food Security Act -2013, food security and agriculture policy in India, women and children: issues of health and nutrition, food security and targeted public distribution system in India, role of institution of local government in the execution of food, right to food: global perspective and many more

This book is presented in a simple and lucid exposition of the complexities of the subject matter for the related topic. We have tried to make this book more up-to-date.

We have taken best efforts to present this topic in an intuitive and interesting manner so that the reader can quickly grasp the essence of the matter.

We take this opportunity to express our deep sense of gratitude to those eminent whose work has drawn extensively and benefited enormously. We also offer our to all the member colleagues and students for their encouragement, affection, and support to our work.


Contents :

1. National Food Security Bill – An Overview – Dr. A. Satish Babu, Dr. D. Guna Sankar
2. Food Insecurity Issues among Poor Families with Mentally III-patients: A Case Study – Dr. Robin D. Tribhuwan, Ms. Swaroop A. Waghmare
3. Food and Nutritional Security in India – Concerns in the Emerging Scenario – Dr. Shagun Srivastava
4. Nutritional Security in India: A Case Study of Maharashtra – Dr. Rekha Maliadeshwar
5. Challenges in the Implementation of Food Security Act, 2013 – Usha Iyer
6. Implementation of Food Security Act: Challenges – Dr. Avinash B. Shendre
7. Food Security Bill: A Critical Approach – Dr. S.K. Mishra
8. Implications us of Food Security Act and Agriculture Sustainability in Maharashtra – Dr. SujataS.Khadilkar
9. An Economics Evaluation of National Food Security Act In India – Dr. (Mrs.) Medha J. Gupte
10. Food Security Requires a Multidimensional Approach – Dr. Kashmira P. Mody
11. National Food Security Act – Scope and Challenges – Mrs. S.V.L. Anuradha, Mrs. Ashwini Gokhale
12. A Study of Issues of Health and Nutrition of Women and children of Ekta Adivasi Pada of Vasai Taluka – Romia Royal Correia
13. Challenges to Food Security in India – Dr. Mrs. Vanita Malik
14. Critical Analysis of Role of International Agencies in Stimulating Right to Food as Basic Human Right – Dr. Shrinaag Arun Panchbhai
15. Women, Food and Nutrition – Issues in Need of a Global Focus – Mr. Kalichand B. Govardhan
16. A study of Public Distribution System (PDS) of Essential Commodities: A Study Focused on the Ration shop of Ramdaswadi in the City of Kalyan (West) – Pritesh Somani
17. Implementation of Food Security Bill 2013 – Prof. Prema Bardhan
18. Food Security and Its Dimension – Dr. S.M.Patil, L.R. Sante
19. Food Security in India: Causes and Remedies – Dr. P. Ultramontane
20. Challenges in Achieving Food and Nutrition Security in India – Prof. Ms. Gulshan Miyagamwala
21. Challenges in Food Security: Indian Perspective – Prof. Dr. Yogesh M. Kulkarni, Prof. Mr. Nashiket D. Jawale
22. Food Security in India: A Practical Analysis – Madhav Shinde, Jivan Solanke, Ganesh Mangade
23. INDIAN FOOD Security Bill and WTO Seal – An Overview – Prof. Rajesh H. Bhoite
24. Performance of Public Distribution System in India – Dr. Smita Dubey, Ms. Varsha Mallah
25. Wastage of Food in India – Role of Supply Chain and Infrastructure – Anita Pandhari Yadav
26. The Scope of National Food Security Act 2013 in Agriculture – Dr. S.K. Narnawre
27 A Study of Food Security and National Food Security Act in India – Shivaji Kakade
28 Socio-economic Influences on Women’s Nutritional Status: Its Impact on Maternal Health – Mr. Susan Alex
29 Security in India: Performance and Challenges – Dr. G.S. Shikhare
30 Effects of Food Insecurity and Challenges of Food Security – Dr. Sacchidan, R. Junghare
31. Food Security Problem: A National Concern in India – Dedavat Manish Rajendra
32. Food Security – Now and Then – Dr. Rajashekhar O. Patil
33. National Food Security Act 2013: Food grains Production and Subsidy – Dr. Deepak V. Bhusare
34. Failures of the Public Distribution System in Sustainance – Mrs. Madhuri S. Maharao
35. Food Security in India: Performance and Challenges – Mr. Avinash W. Ingole
36. Food Security is Benevolent Scheme of Advanced Societies or its Obligations – Mr. Ajay Naresh Kamble
37. Evaluation of Existing Public Distribution System in India – Dr. Kalpana Nayar
38. Food Security and National Food Security Act 2013 – Mr. Suryawanshi B.B.
39. Food Security in India and its Current Position – Rameshvar P. Rasal, Sagar A. Sable
40. Food Security Bill Face Challenge in India – Prof. Amol Dattatraya Matore, Ms. Shalaka Prakash Chavan
41. Food Security in India – Dr. Nalini Padmanabha
42. Food Security in India and The Hunger Crisis – Dr. Amrita Nadkarni
43. Hunger vs. Food Security Act – Shamnani Gopichand B.
44. Food Security: Some Challenges in India – Prof. Mundhe Fahim Ibrahim
45. National Food Security Bill – Prof. Kashide Ramesh Tukaram
46. Causes and Consequences of Food Security Act in India – Mr. Dhananjay M. Chandanshive
47. Food Security in India: Issues and Concerns – Vijav Shanker Srivastava
48. Obligations of State Governments in Food Security of Jndia: A Study of Maharashtra State – Dr. Deepak P. Sable
49. Challenges of Food Security in India – Dr. Shrikant Fulsuudar
50. National Food Security Act: Need and Implementation Issues – Dr. Parmeshwar B. Gore, Vishnu T. Kale
51. National Food Security Act – Scope and Challenges in India – Dr. Shalini Vermani
52. Capacity Building by Education and Training in Agriculture Sector: A Solution to Food Security in India! – Durgesh Kumar Dubey
53. Food Security and Status of Hunger in India – Damodhar N. Morey
54. Assurance of Quality and Quantity of Food and MDG – Smt. Poonam Singh, Smt. Pratibha Agarwal
55. Food Security and Gender Inequality – Pradnya U. Garad
56. Bhartatil Annasurksha: Samsya ani Upay – Prof. Ingole R. J.
57. Sarwajnik Vitaran Vyawastha te Anna Surksha Kayda 2013 Aadhawa – Dr. Shyamrao Kulkarni
58. Rashtriya Anna Suraksha Adhiniyam dru 2013, Aawhane ani Upay – Mahajan Sanjay Baburao
59. Bhartachi Annsurksha – Prof. Dr. Shrirang D. Kuduk
60. Bhartachi Anna Samsya ani Surksha – Prof. Ruplai Suresh Dewlekar
61. Bhart main Khadya Surkasha evm Lakshit Sarwajanik Vitarn Pranali – Dr. Babita B. Shukla


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