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Innovation and Re-Engineering of Management Practices for Sustainability


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It is with immense pleasure we bring into the hands of the readers, the collection of Research Articles on “Innovation and Re-engineering of Management Practices for Sustainability”.

A technical academic paper will typically include five main sections: Introduction, Research and Literature Review, Experimental Investigations, Results and Conclusions. Needless to say, it takes a lot of dedication and hard-work to investigate and prepare the research papers that adds to the existing knowledge-base in their respective field of expertise.


Contents –

01 A Study on “The Influence of Financial Structure, Leverage and Profitability on Industrial Companies’ Shares Value: An Applied Study of Indian Industrial Companies” – Dr. Vandana Samba and Dr. Vani. H.
02 Perceptions of Accounting Professionals towards Leases (IFRS -16) – Evidence from Hyderabad – Sathyanarayana Gardasu
03 Earnings Quality: An Analysis – Dr. Y. Sucharita and Ms A. Lokeswari
04 Forensic Accounting – J. Sai Tharun
05 Crowdfunding for Innovation and Sustainability – Urmila Deshmukh
06 Sectorial Participation in Different Bull Runs of Indian Stock Markets – R. Sushama and Dr. A. Patrick
07 Equity SIP in Indian Stock Market – SWOT Analysis – M. Jayasree
08 An Empirical Study on FDI in India with Reference to Select Sectors – Dr. Kavitha Lal and Mrs M. Suvarchala Rani
09 Cloud Computing: A Technological Transformation in Banking Operations – Ms. Smriti Nagaria
10 Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Indian Financial Sector – Ms. Honila Vijay Kumar
11 Issues and Challenges in Digital Banking – The Indian Scenario – P. Rekha
12 A Comparative Study on NPAs of Nationalized, SBI Group and Public Sector Banks in India from the Perspective of Loan Recovery – Humera Fatima and Dr. R. Venkateswar Rao
13 Disruption of Traditional Financial Services through Digital Finance – Global and Indian Perspective – K. Srivani, K. Lakshmi Kiran and K. Kaushik
14 A Study on Financial Performance Analysis with Special Reference to National Small-scale Industries Corporation (NSIC) – Dr. Vandana Samba and Mr. P. Ganesh Anand
15 Impact of GST on Small Business Enterprises – Ms. Deepti Daga
16 A Study on Blockchain Technology, its Implications on the Financial Landscape and its Future – Jaywanth Paul
01 A Comparative Analysis of Business School Rankings by Select Magazines in India – An Analytical Study – Dr. R. Anita and Dr. D. Sunder Reddy
02 Knowledge Management: An Annite Approach – Dr. Ruma Roy
03 A Study of Personality Traits and its Influence on Work-life Balance – P. Suhasini
04 Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Workplace Deviance: A Study of Employees in Various Sectors – Kandukuri Sai Chetana Reddy
05 Competency Development Framework for Career Readiness – Mrs. A.V. Lakshmi Brinda and M. Pavitrambika
06 A Study on Work-life Balance of Faculties of Selected Colleges in Hyderabad – Ms. Deepa J.
07 Conflict Resolution and Role Satisfaction among Corporate Employees – Atulya Gangaraju
08 A Study on Willingness to Communicate and Tolerance for Disagreement in Employees Working at BPOs – Ounnathya Vasili
09 A Study on Work-life Balance of the Employees in the Field of Education – Dr. K. Veena Latha
10 Empirical Evidence on Factors Influencing Virtual Teams – A Multi-level Perspective – Dr. K. Sunanda
11 Perceived HRM Practices and Organizational Commitment in Nepali Banking Sector: Mediating Role of Person-Organization Fit – Ms. Roshee Lamichhane Bhusal and Prof. A. Suryanarayana
12 Perceived HRM Practices as a Potential Antecedent to Organizational Commitment (Building a Conceptual Framework using Empirical and Theoretical Literature) – Ms. Roshee Lamichhane Bhusal and Prof. A. Suryanarayana
13 Concepts and Constructs in the Domain of HRIS: A Literature Review – Ms. Roshee Lamichhane Bhusal and Prof. A. Suryanarayana
14 Psychological Perspectives on Organizational Behaviour: Developing a Theoretical Framework to Ensure Psychological Well-being of Employees – Dr. Ch. Chaitanya
15 Employee Engagement: A Comparative Study of the Select Public and Private Banks – S. Swapna
16 A Study on Knowledge Management at BSNL – Dr. Rakhee Renapurkar
17 Virtual Teams in Organization – A. Mary Francina
18 A Study on Rights and Responsibilities of Employees – A Case Study of Care Hospitals at Hyderabad – Mrs. A. Danam Tressa and Ms. Alphonsa
19 A Study on Impact of HR Practices on Employee Retention – A. Mary Francina and Anuli Peesara
20 Quality of Work-life: New Dimensions from Employee Perspective – Dr. Gajanethi Swathi Kumari
21 Work-life Balance – A Case Study Analysis at NASR School, Khairthabad, Hyderabad – Mrs. A. Danam Tressa and B. Srihitha
01 A Study on Consumer Perception in the Selection of Taxicab Services – Ch. Kavya
02 Reshapping the Marketing World with AI – K. Laxmi Madhuri
03 Kerala Needs Us! – A Study on the Success of Cause Marketing Adopted by Paytm – Gisa George and Ancy John
04 A Study on Consumer Holiday Purchase Intentions during the Christmas Eve with Reference to Hyderabad – Dr. R. Sampath Kumar
05 Impact of Green Marketing on the Purchase Behaviour of Generation Y – Rashi Mathur
06 Generation Z Preferences in Branded Fashion: A Study – Dr. Nagunuri Srinivas
07 Brands as Moral Compass – Issues and Perspectives – A. Ramesh
08 Online Shopping – Factors Influencing Consumer’s Purchase Behaviour – Soujanya Mattapally
09 Green Marketing and Sustainable Development – Neha Raghuvanshi
10 A Study on Impact of Embedding Business Intelligence on Marketing Mix – Harriet Jesvina
11 Perceptual Marketing Understanding the Psychology of the Customer – Soumya Mehul
12 A Comparative Study on Ola and Uber – Swaroop Tiwari
13 A Study on Impact of Mobile Advertising on Consumer Purchase Decision – Mrs. A. Danam Tressa and Mr. Manoj Kumar Bhosale
14 A Study on Impact of Social Media Marketing on Buying Decision of Generation Z Customers – Tanmay V. Gala and A. Mary Francina
01 Gender Equality and Youth Identity in Digital Age – Mrs. Padmasri and Mrs. Hemalatha Vanam
02 Opportunities and Challenges for Start-ups in India – Mahrin Unnisa
03 English the Lingua-Franca of Global Business – Mrs. Angela Christina and Mrs. K. Sangeetha Bharat
04 A Study on the Preference of B.Com. Undergraduates towards Higher Studies and Employment – Mr. N. Chandan Babu and Mrs. Varala Ashwini
05 Business and Professional Ethics – The Indian Ethos with Special Reference to Kautilya’s Arthashastra – Aparna Rajhans and Budhapalli Prashant
06 A Study on Role of Children in Family Purchasing Decisions – Ms. N. Ravali
07 Entrepreneurial Role Stress and Psychological Needs among Women Working in Corporate and Non-corporate Sectors – Alice Abhinaya
08 Pre- and Post-Start-up India Women Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Prospects – Pooja Kalla
09 Micro and Macro Organizational Approaches in Stress Management – Dr. Sarah Thomas and Dr. Sr. Marry Kutty, P.J.
10 Stress Management at Workplace – M. Radha and Dr. R. Venkateswara Rao
11 Indian Women in Workforce – Dr. Jayasheela
12 Social Entrepreneurship – A Pathway for Economic Growth and Sustainability – Prof. R. Nageswer Rao and Rev. Fr. Dr. D. Sunder Reddy
01 Lean Management in Hospital Billing – Dr. D. Shreedevi
02 Implementing Total Quality Management: The Annite Way – A Case Study – Dr. T. Diana Jacob and Mrs. P. Sindhu Bhavani
03 A Six Sigma Approach to Billing in Hospitals – M. Krishna Kartheek
01 Artificial Intelligence in Business Development Process – Mr. R. Arjuna Rao and Dr. V.V.R. Raman
02 Impact of Technology on Entrepreneurship – T. Radhika
03 Controlling Home Automation System Based on Wireless Sensor Network using Cellphone – Rajani B and Shalini A.
04 Role of Cyber Security in Industry 4.0 – Hari Prasada Rao J.
05 Smart Parking System using M2M communication in IoT – Mr. Om Prakash Yadav
06 A Study on Information Technology (IT) and ITes Policies in Telangana towards Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship – M. Bikshapathi
07 A Study on Impact of Internet of Things on Business – Mrs. K. Jesmy Thomas
08 Benefits of Implementing Cloud Technologies in Logistics Industry – V. Subrahmanya Ramamurty
09 Impact of People Analytics for Sustainability of Organization – Shreya S. Hundiwala and Akshintha M.
10 Digital Currency: Challenges and Impacts in India – Mrs. P. Madhuri Paul and Mr. Ch. V.S.R. Pavan Kumar
11 The Rise in Automation and Interconnection of Computing Devices: An Analysis and Study of the Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Modern Computing Devices – Taha Mujeeb and Sarah Ayoub
12 A Study on Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Operations – G. Ashrita
13 Blockchain – An Aid to Supply Chain Management – P. Saranya
14 Application of Robotics in Manufacturing – B. Anish




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