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This book on Interactive Marketing is unique and serves as support to the practitioners and the students as well. The managerial elements of interactive marketing are dealt with comprehensively in this book. It presents the case study of State Bank of India, the public sector giant in the banking sector. The bank`s outlook on interactive marketing and issues as well as the responses of employees and customers are detailed. The book helps the readers to identify critical issues of learning and to find ways to solve the problems of interactive marketing.

Interactive marketing theory suggests that satisfaction and positive outcomes are directly associated with the extent of customer interaction. The quality of the relationships between customers and front-line employees, which incorporates both a professional and a social dimension, can strongly contribute to the customer`s overall perception of quality of the service provider. Customers are influenced by the service provider and the quality of the experience. Receiving service is both a personal and psychological experience. There is a psychological and physical closeness between employees and customers in the service encounter.

Services are delivered during the interaction between customers and customer-contact employees, and thus, employees` attitudes and behaviors towards customers determine customers` perceived service quality, satisfaction, and performance. Contact employees in services become involved in what is termed as “Interactive Marketing”. It is essential that they are responsive to customers` needs. Not only do buyer-seller interactions have an impact on purchasing and repeat purchasing decisions but also, crucially, that buyer-seller interactions provide a marketing opportunity for the organization. The Internal marketing is to get motivated and customer conscious employees.

Book Content of Interactive Marketing
Chapter 1 : Interactive Marketing − The Conceptual Framework
Chatper 2 : Review of Literature
Chatper 3 : Research Design
Chatper 4 : State Bank of India − Organisation System and Operations
Chatper 5 : Product Mix of State Bank of India
Chatper 6 : Pricing Policies and Strategies
Chatper 7 : Distribution System
Chatper 8 : Internal Marketing
Chatper 9 : External Marketing
Chatper 10 : Employees` Opinion on Interactions
Chatper 11 : Customers` Opinion on Interactions

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Dr. K. Rama Mohana Rao,

Dr. S. Gangadhara Rama Rao


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