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In the last 7 years, tremendous changes have taken place in Indian and a global economy, which has made me update the information in International Business. Over the past couple of years, a number of Indian companies have opted to raise funds at the Alternative Investment Market at London. What is NYSE, Euro next doing to attract these small and mid sized firms to its own exchanges? It is observed that AIM has worked for Indian companies in raising funds overseas. The important reason is the flexible regulatory regime that it offers.

There are some relaxations in the regulations in the U.S. and at the same time regulations in other markets have been tightened. There have been changes in local norms, which allow companies, an alternate fund-raising option through qualified institutional placements (QIP). There is great excitement amongst international investor community around the change in the Central Government in India in May 2014. However, FIIs have invested huge money in Indian equities. To bring even more foreign money, one has to enter the delivery phase, which everyone is now talking about. FIIs/FDIs flow post elections and hence, the index is increasing. We are entering the delivery phase for structured reforms and markets will probably pause till the actual delivery begins. CAD-is smaller and there is stable government at centre. India has been ranked at 12th place out of 25 emerging markets in 2014.

Contents :

1. Introduction of International Business
2. Introduction to Balance of Payments and Partial/Full Capital Account Convertibility
3. Export Import Financing
4. International Trade Expansion in India
5. Global Business Environment
6. Role of Trade Blocks
7. International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
8. International and Domestic Human Resource Management
9. WTO in International Trade
10. International Business
11. International Marketing Entry Strategies
12. Role of Organisations in Trade
13. Theories of International Trade
14. Management of Risks in International Trade


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