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Internet Age – Marketing with Social Media


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This is just not about information on social media but a guide on how to effectively leverage the tools.

We have taken efforts to see that any layman who will spend time learning the tips and tools mentioned in the book without prior knowledge on social media will still be able to market his business online using social media.

If you are a beginner, or slready have Facebook account for years, still each one of you will learn some new strategies and tools in marketing your business or product. After conducting Social Media Marketing workshops for many years and interacting with hundreds Marketers, professionals, entrepreneurs, students we were inspired to see the outcome of the workshop. Most of the attendees found 300% increase in their marketing goals just by using simple techniques taught during the workshop. We asked ourselves, Why not reach millions of professionals like you with rich information and practical know-how on social media? So we started writing this book only to make you a superman or superwomen on social media.

The great philosopher Seneca once said, ‘It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult’. We realized this while writing this book and hence we made efforts to write it in easy and simple language and in a structured manner. We dare you to be a brand on social media. Use the Internet like never before and make technology work for you. If you are business or aspire to build your brand you have to be on social media. On the Internet your identity is the content that you post and interact with Period.

Remember each one of us is served with hundreds and thousands of advertisement online. It’s all about ATTENTION. It’s all about MOBILE. It’s all about CONTENT. It’s all about building enduring RELATIONSHIPS.

Start with designing a strategy and implement it for at least four to six weeks. Analyse the results and then try to make few changes. Have patience. Social Media results is just like using hand pump. Initially you have to apply a lot of efforts and high pressure to get water by pumping it. After some efforts few drops of water start coming and then you will have a stream. Once, the water starts gushing out you need to apply just a bit of pressure to pump and keep it consistent. The moment you stop you have to put in the same energy again. Hence be consistent and focus on fresh content. The following chapters will help you with all that is needed to be successful on social media.


Contents :

1. Fundamentals of Marketing with New Age Media
2. Marketing 4 P’s and Social Media
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing Strategy
5. Social Media Marketing Tools
6. Facebook
7. Twitter Marketing
8. Social Media Present and Future


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Amit Jadhav,

Dr. Apoorva Palkar


Himalaya pub