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Introductory Managerial Economics-II


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Introductory Managerial Economics – II is a core subject under management studies. Recently, University of Mumbai has introduced a new curriculum for management studies in degree course at the undergraduate level. Though there is no dearth of books on the subject of economics/business economics/managerial economics, none of them by themselves can adequately fulfill the requirements of this new syllabus. The author, thus, makes a humble attempt to fill up the ‘gap’ and help the student community by giving them a suitable textbook catering to their special needs.
This volume is intended to serve as a comprehensive/standard textbook on Managerial Economics Paper II for the B.M.S. Degree course of the University of Mumbai, new syllabus effective from 2009-10.
The present course deals with macro aspects of Managerial Economics. The book explores in five modules complete syllabus in five modules.

Book Content of Introductory Managerial Economics-II
Unit – I : Introduction to Macroeconomics

  1. Macroeconomic Aggregates and Concepts
  2. Supply of Money
  3. Demand for Money
  4. Inflation
  5. Determinants of Income and Employment: The Classical Analysis – An Overview
  6. Determinants of Income and Employment: The Keynesian Analysis – An Overview
  7. Business Cycles
  8. Equilibrium in the Goods and Money Markets: IS-LM Model
    Unit – II : Policy Environment
  9. Role of State and Economic Systems
  10. Theory of Economic Policy
  11. Monetary Policy
  12. Fiscal Policy
  13. Economic Stabilisation
  14. Trade Policies: Free Trade vs. Protection
    Unit – III : International Trade
  15. International Trade: An Overview
  16. Basis of Trade: Theory of Comparative Cost Difference
  17. Factor Endowment Theory of International Trade
  18. The Balance of Payments
  19. Mechanism of International Payments
    Unit – IV : Globalisation
  20. Gains and Problems of Globalisation
  21. Role of The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank
  22. World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  23. Foreign Capital
  24. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
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