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Lovers of Human Rights and Friends of India


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Dr.Manisha Dhikholkar`s work provides a fresh dimension to the understanding of the Indian Nationalist Movement.
She has picked up nine names-seven men and two women, Seven of them are British and two American, European in blood and color, but Indian in attitude. It is people like them who were responsible for the noble spiritual thread of delicate human relations that has bound Indian and British people even after the bitter fight of India`s Freedom struggle.
The work assumes credibikity as the author has based her interpretation on the primary Sources including the private Papers.
This book can be read with great interest and benefit both students and general readers as it provides a fresh view into this fascinating phase of India`s Freedom struggle.

Book Content of Lovers of Human Rights and Friends of India
  1. Concept of Human Rights
  2. Human Rights and Colonial India
  3. Allan Octavian Hume C.B. – A Saviour of Humanity
  4. J.Keir Hardie – Advocate of Humanity
  5. H.M. Hyndman – Champion of Human Rights
  6. Margaret Cousins – Champion of Women`s Cause
  7. Guy Aldred – Crusader of Liberty
  8. George Lansbury – Champion`of Humanity
  9. J.T. Sunderland – Lover of Humanity and Liberty
  10. Roger Baldwin – For Prisoner`s Rights
  11. Monica Whately – For Humanising the Prison System

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