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Macro Economics


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Macroeconomics is a distinctive subject of economic studies. It examines, explores and analysis aggregate economic behavior of households, firms and government.

This book is the result of the author`s long experience of teaching the courses on macroeconomics at various levels in Arts, Commerce and Management faculties of the Universities in India and abroad. The author has made an attempt to explore and discuss the subject-matter of core topics of macroeconomics in systematic, synthetic and lucid manner. The treatment will inspire the students community to be more interested in knowing and acquiring a good grasping of the subject.


Contents :

1. Nature, Scope And Subject-Matter Of Macroeconomics
2. National Income: Meaning And Measurement
3. The Classical Macroeconomic Theory
4. The Keynesian Macroeconomic Theory
5. The Consumption Function
6. The Investment Function
7. Savings Investment Theory
8. Principles Of Multiplier And Acceleration
9. The Policy Measure
10. Business Cycles
11. Keynesian Anti-Cyclical Policy
12. Monetarism
13. Functions Of Money
14. Value Of Money
15. Inflation
16. Commercial Banking
17. Central Banking
18. Monetary Policy
19. Fiscal Policy
20. Supply Side Economics
21. International Trade
22. Theory Of Comparative Cost
23. Balance Of Payments
24. Foreign Exchange
25. Trade Policy
26. The International Monetary Fund
27. Goals Of Macroeconomic Policy
28. Economic Growth
29. The Classical Theory Of Economic Growth
30. The Neo-Classical Analysis Of Economic Development
31. Marxian Theory Of Capitalist Development
32. Planning For Development


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