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Management of Indian Financial Institutions


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Drastically revised, innovated and systematically structures around managerial dimensions, kernel of the present edition is to capture dynamically changing policies, strategies and practices of Indian Financial Institutions and convey them to the learners in interesting and stimulating manner.

The revised edition is gravid with the following immanent features:
– The book presents unique melange of innovation keeping in view seismic changes in economic landscape of the country and abroad.
– The entire has been comprehensively revised and restructures so as to accommodate emerging concepts, skills techniques and mechanics pertaining to management of financial institutions.
– The present edition provides an incisive view of dynamics of various financial institutions in terms of vision, business models, innovative instruments, new architecture and new financial practices notices in recent years.
– Use of simple, lucid and crystal clear language and cogent style is an added advantage of the revised edition.
– The revised edition of the book will be extremely useful to practicing managers and learners of the commerce, management and other professional programmes.


Contents :

Section I : Introduction
1. Economic Growth and Financial Institutions
2. Global Financial Turmoil-Threat To Financial Stability
3. Types of Financial Institutions
4. Recent Development in Indian Financial System − An Overview
Section II : Management of Commercial Banks in India
5. Reserve Bank of India-Karnel of Indian Banking System
6. Commercial Banking in India − A Snap Shot
7. Retail Banking
8. Corporate Governance in Commercial Banks
9. Competitive Strategy to Meet Challenges to Commercial Banks in India
10. Commercial Banking Restructuring
11. Strategic Human Resource Management in Commercial Banks
12. Management of Capital Funds in Commercial Banks
13. Management of Deposits
14. Relationship Banking
15. Management of Loans In Commercial Banks
16. New Norms of Working Capital Financing By Banks
17. Inclusive Growth And Commercial Banks
18. Asset-Liability Management In Commercial Banks
19. Management of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) in Commercial Banks
20. Operational Efficiency of Commercial Banks in India
21. Performance Budgeting in a Commercial Bank
22. Zero-Base Budgeting in a Commercial Bank (ZBB)
Section III : Management of Development Financial Institutions
23. Development Financial Institutions in India – An Overview
24. Project Evaluation by Development Financial Institutions in India
25. Performance Evaluation of All India Financial Institutions (AIFIs)
Section IV : Management of Investing Institutions
26. Insurance Industry in India
27. Strategic Policies and Practices of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
28. Operational Policies and Practices of Mutual Funds
Section V : Non-Banking Finance Sector
29. Non-Banking Finance Companies
30. Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs)
Section VI : Management of Financial Services in India
31. Financial Services in India
32. The New Issue Market in India
33. Secondary Market in India
34. Merchant Banking in India
35. Venture Capital
36. Custodial Services in India
37. Credit Rating Services in India


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Dr. Divya Nigam,

R.M. Shrivastava


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