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Management Policy and Strategic Management


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A comprehensive updated and self-contained book structured around the decision-making process presents the latest concepts, skills, practices of management policy and strategic planning Lively and informative this masterly crafted book gives considerable emphasis on practical insights concerning corporate environment, resource competencies and choice of strategy.

Features :
– Clearly presents and discusses core concepts of management policy and strategic management and discusses their implications for practicing managers.
– The subject is treated in the context of Indian environment.
– Focuses on practices of Indian Corporate enterprises in policy formulation and strategy making.
– Presents 15 carefully structures real life cases based on Indian business organisations.
– Gives guidance on methodology of developing strategies under different sets of situations.
– Presents a practical system of making strategies work.

With its unique and comprehensive coverage, the book will meet the requirements of practicing managers and students of management and commerce.


Contents :

Section I Introduction
1. Dynamics of Management Policy
2. Nature and Scope of Strategic Management
3. Developing a Strategic Management Model
4. Strategic Planning Process in Indian Organisations
5. Total Quality Management
6. Corporate Governance
Section II Environmental Scanning
7. External Environmental Appraisal
8. Corporate Appraisal
9. Core Competence Analysis
10. Value Chain Analysis and Competitive Advantage
Section III Making Strategic Decisions
11. Setting Corporate Objectives
12. Formulating Corporate Strategy
13. Drawing Competitive Strategy
14. Making Diversification Decisions
15. Strategic Alliances
16. International Business Strategy
17. Choosing Strategy
18. Strategy and values of Management
19. Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Corporate Organisations
Section IV Functional Strategies
20. Marketing Strategy
21. Production Strategy
22. Research and Development Strategy
23. Human Resource Strategy
24. Financial Strategy
Section V Implementation of Strategy
25. Strategy Implementation-An Overview
26. Balanced Scorecard Approach to Strategy Implementation
27. Strategy and Organising
28. Management of Change
29. Strategy Implementation and Organisational Culture
30. Strategy Implementation and Leadership
31. Strategic Control
Section VI Case Studies in Management Policy and Strategic Management
32. A Guide for Using the Case Studies in Management Policy Strategic Management
33. Real Life Cases


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