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Management Process (Bangalore Univ)


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Business Management, today, is strictly viewed in terms of commercial values such as increased productivity, approach towards labour relations, better return on investments, greater efficiency in operations and earning profit through customer satisfaction. This view of business management demands the implementation of methods and procedures to achieve the said commercial values.

The managers and students at the entry level of learning business management have to understand the fundamentals of management process, before they professionally develop operational methods and procedures of business. This title provides full information about the sequential operational procedures. Written in a very simple and understandable language, the book covers the vital aspects of management process. Each Chapter, besides synopsis and text, contains summary, graded questions and practical exercises for self – learning. We expect that students enjoy reading this book and learn the basics of management process.



Unit 1 : Management – An Overview
1. Introduction to Management
2. Managament : Process and Principles
3. Social Responsibility of Business and Ethics
Unit 2 : Planning
4. Planning
5. Decision-Making
Unit 3 : Organising
6. Organising
7. Departmentation
8. Span of Control
9. Staffing
Unit 4 : Directing
10. Directing
11. Motivation
12. Communication
13. Co-Ordination
Unit 5 : Controlling
14. Controlling
15. Methods of Controlling



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Year of publication

2018, 2016



Dr. Dinakar. G.,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah,

Sandeep P.N. Reddy


Himalaya pub