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Managing Disasters


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Disaster management is actually a management of resources and informations relating to disastrous events and is measured by how one coordinates these resources, effectively and efficiently, to the common benefit. The managerial ability to effectively deal with a disaster, is an issue to reckon with.

Disasters, both natural and man-made, have been an inevitable part of human life. it is evident that the disaster problems cannot be singled out. They are cut across various disciplines and as such addressing a single area of concern does not mean a solution to the disaster management problems. The issue of addressing the disaster management problems has been taken up by many organizations, nationally and internationally.

A book on disaster management, should be able to give the multi-dimensions and characteristics of disaster, so as the role of various agencies, like United Nations, Government of India, in preventing an effective control of disasters. This also pictures the roles of various non-government organizations, volunteers, relief organizations, etc., in assisting counter disaster

Disaster management deals with issues relating to planning, risk assessing, organizing, coordinating, communicating, etc., both at individual and organizational levels. This book gives insight into the above areas of a disaster, by giving very valuable information and analysis. This book involves studies in the issues of disaster and development, national policies on disaster management across the world and the problems of disaster management in depth. Certain case studies are provided with an idea to give practical.examples, however, their results and remedies cannot be copied for all, as disasters are different and different in nature and treatment. This is particularly so, as the case studies and their out come, can neither pre-empt nor avert eventualities

This book contains three sections: Disaster and Development, Prevention and Management of Disaster. Some relevant case studies are appended to each sections of the book. Some photographs to show the aftermath of disaster is also given to get an eye sight. This volume contains well researched materials on the aspects of various disasters.

It is always the practice to express a disaster in terms of loss of life, loss of property, loss of resources, etc., and quantify the total loss. However, this signifies a need to go beyond a certain disaster and evolve suitable strategies in future to counter these phenomena. The very purpose and aim of the disaster management is to minimize the loss of life and resources.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Disaster Management
2. Natural Disasters-Mitigation Efforts
3. Man-made Disasters
4. Disaster Operations Management
5. Institutional Awareness and Safety Programmes
6. Psychological and Social Dimensions in Disasters
7. Applications in Disaster Management
8. Disaster Management in India
Case Studies


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