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Marketing Management (AP Univ)


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Marketing is a way of doing business and backbone of any type of organisation and its management. With increasing competition, complexity and technological advancements, it has become essential to adopt a suitable and scientific approach to marketing. The rules of thumb are completely replaced by scientific systems of marketing. The success of a firm is synonymous with the marketing success. Unless marketing is given adequate importance in almost all processes of organisation, the end result is never as envisaged. In other words, marketing is all pervasive and omnipresent in all activities and functions of business management. This is the reason why Management Education has special emphasis on the Marketing Course, whether it is an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

The students of business management in order to succeed in their profession should keep themselves in touch with the latest marketing technology and tools. Our every action should have a real or potential customer. True marketers need to orient their every activity and spend all resources towards satisfying and better satisfying needs and wants of target customers. A true marketer always thinks of unfulfilled needs of the customers and adopts creative efforts to satisfy them constantly better than any other competitor in the market.

The book is comprehensive and explains the fundamental principles of each topic in a lucid and conversational manner. This book is curriculum driven and written in a very simple style. The emphasis is on describing the basic concepts of marketing and use of examples to illustrate the subject, keeping in view the understanding ability of undergraduate students. Each unit in this book is written with a rigorous exercise for the mind keeping in view the prescribed syllabus for BBA Course under CBCS. Even the difficult ideas are explained in an easily understandable way. Questions are also given at the end of each unit for discussion and guidance, covering vital areas in marketing syllabus. We are sure that teachers and students of marketing at UG level would receive this book with learning enthusiasm.


Contents –

1. Concept of Marketing
2. Product
3. Pricing
4. Marketing Channels
5. Promotion


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K.V. Nagaraj,

Nagaraj K.V.,

S. Krishna Soujanya,

V. Krishna Mohan


Himalaya pub