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The ongoing process of economic reforms which gained rapid momentum since July 1991 when the present Government assumed office at the centre, has brought about far-reaching changes in the economy in general and the financial system in particular. Commercial banking which is an important segment of the financial system is undergoing unprecedented transformation through the introduction of deregulation, competition and new technology in banking services. Banks have introduced new innovative services and instruments in the changing structure of financial markets and new rechniques of operating in such a changing environment are emerging. Banks provide now a growing range of innovative services. apart from their essential function of promoting savings and directing them to the most productive investment and thus accelerating economic growth. In short, banks do not just lend; there is a sea change in banking business. From what was to what is.

In the emerging scenario, commercial banks face challenges coming out from deregulation, competition and new technology and banks will continue to face enormous problem in adjusting to the new environment. Operating in such changing environment requires the right type of personnel and manpower stand the dynamics of new development taking place in the field of commercial banking and has to equip himself with the professional skill and competence to be able to operate successfully in the changing environment. In fact, the all-embracing changes and innovation in banking services are the specific raison d’etre of this volume.

The book is primarily written for bank personnel and its more significant features are:

– It provides those engaged in credit operations and advisory services in banks an upto date complete REFERENCE BOOK dealing with credit and non-credit aspects of innovations in banking services in a practical way for use in their daily working, giving them a greater awareness of the complexities and considerations involves.
– It has more of a practical approach to the subject and explain how to contact business and why things are done that way ; it has been planned to sharpen PERCEPTIONS and SKILLS which will improve the standard and performance of banks in this most important area of business.
– It has been designed to serve the banking students, especially the CAIIB candidates appearing for examination on the subject of ‘Practice and Law of banking’ (Part II) as it fully covers the portion relating to innovative banking services included for the first time in the revised CAIIB Examination Syllabus.


Contents :

1. Innovations in Banking and Financial Services
2. Housing Finance
3. Hire Purchase
4. Leasing
5. Factoring
6. Merchant Banking
7. Mutual Funds
8. Consumer Loans and Consumer Protection
9. Venture Capital Finance
10. Payment Mechanism – Resent Development
11. New Financial Institutions
12. Money Market Instruments
13. Advice on Investment
14. Advice on Money Management
15. Tax Services
16. Financial Sector Reform
17. Convertibility of the Rupee
18. Bank Securities Scam


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