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Micro Economics


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This book is primarily meant to serve as a standard, comprehensive and complete text-book for the B.A. B.B.E., students of Madurai Kamaraj, Manonmonium Sundaranan Barathian, Barathidasan, Mahatma Gandhi and Chennai Universities.

The text is organized into 32 chapter. I have taken special care to explain difficult concepts an easy and conies way. In Preparing this book, I have referred to many standard reference debt to all of them.


Contents :

Part One : Introduction
1. Definition of Economics
2. Methods and Nature of Economic Laws
3. Micro Economic and Macro Economics
4. Economy – Its Vital Processes and Basic Problems
5. The Concepts Of Equilibrium
6. Economic Statics and Dynamics
Part Two : Theory of Consumer Behaviour
7. Law of Demand
8. Cardinal Utility Theory
9. Indifference Curve Analysis
10. Consumer’s Surplus
11. Elasticity of Demand
Part Three : Theory of Production
12. Meaning of Factors of Production
13. Scale of Production
14. The Theory of Production Function
15. ISO-Quants and The Theory of Production
Part Four : Theory of Product Pricing
16. Cost and Cost Curves
17. Revenue and Revenue Curves
18. Supply
19. Market and Market Structures
20. Equilibrium of the Firm and Industry Under Perfect Competition
21. Pricing Under Perfect Competition
22. Monopoly
23. Price Discrimination
24. Monopsony
25. Monopolistic Competition
26. Duopoly Models
27. Oligopoly
Part Five : Theory of Factor Pricing
28. Distribution
29. Rent
30. Wages
31. Interest
32. Theory of Profit


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