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The present title “Microbiology” has been designed for those students interested in careers in diverse fields of allied health, such as nursing home economics, dental hygiene, and surgical technology, and the biological sciences, such as biology and animal sciences. Both fundamental concepts and their applications are presented in this text in order to provide a foundation in microbiology that will enable the students to venture into more advanced and applied fields. The presentation is also designed to aid the student in integrating the concepts into a basic framework of biological principles. Second, this text is not an outline or a review, in that it does not require previous knowledge of microbiology to be understood. Microbiology is a survey of the comparative biology of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa. The manuscript has been class tested and many students` suggestions have also been incorporated. Too often, textbooks are not read because the writing style and the massive amount of factual material are burdensome to the students This text has a variety of aids to the students that are valuable and can further your knowledge of microbiology. It is hoped that this text will serve to stimulate a continuing interest in the field of microbiology.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Microscopy
3. Sterilization
4. Disinfection and Disinfectants
5. Infection
6. Chemotherapeutic Agents and Antibiotics
7. Cell Injury and Death
8. Immunity To Disease
9. Immunotechnology
10. Molecular Basis of Cancer
11. Environmental Microbiology
12. Industrial Microbiology
13. The Bacteria
14. The Viruses
15. The Fungi
16. Protozoa
17. Bacterial Diseases of Man
18. Bacterial and Viral Diseases of Plants
19. Viral Diseases of Man


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