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Micro Finance in India


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Micro Finance is the buzzword in present time. Professor Mohammad Yunus, a noble Prize winner, is the main architect who revolutionized the credit delivery system in Bangladesh. This aspect is meaningful and is defined with identifying its categories. The concept of micro finance is developed to improve the poor and weaker section of the society. This is a new development paradigms for alleviating poverty through social and economic empowerment of the poor, with focus on empowering women. The concept of finance can be made popular by exploring loan funding meant for micro enterprises including agriculture, forestry, agro forestry, horticulture, animal husbandry, handicraft, fisheries, bamboos, jute crafting, mushroom cultivation etc. for start-up capital to local needy people in an organized manner. The book comprises different aspects of topic covering the whole scene for rural support. Thus, micro finance is broadly described its synonyms to rural finance. It is a type of the lending to groups of people popularly known as SHGs. It has been observed that NGOs and Government as an instrument can transform the lives of the poor with a mission to promote the development of micro financial services market for providing financial services to the poor. This outstanding book will be of great use for the teachers, scholars, students, of commerce, management and allied subject for obtaining in-depth knowledge in the field.


Contents :

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: SHG Banking
Chapter 3: Madhya Pradesh Micro Finance Progress and Prospects
Chapter 4: Madhya Pradesh MFIs Status
Chapter 5: Sample MFIs
Chapter 6: Micro Finance Regulation
Chapter 7: Micro Finance Scenario
Chapter 8: Socio-techno of MFIs
Chapter 9: Problems and Prospects of Micro Finance
Chapter 10: Conclusions


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