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Multidimensional Growth for Economic Development – A Dream


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Main focus has been to analyse, evaluate, comprehend and rediscover the opportunities in the various sectors of Indian Economy alongside the world economy. We endeavour to achieve academic excellence. The book aims at capturing the synergy of ideas and suggest remedies in order to meet the challenges and create more opportunities in the future and to shape the future of our nation with the vision – “India – The Next Superpower”

We hope that this volume will meet the expectations and objectives of the readers and enlighten them about the future of Indian Ecomomy in parity with world at large.


Contents –

Theme 1 : Corporate Governace, Business Ethics and Cyber Crimes
1. Corporate Governance Norms for Listed Companies – A road Map for Economic Development in India – Dr. Megha Samani, Prof. Jyoti Bhatia
2. Global Trends in Business Ethics – An Analytical Study during First Decade of 21st Century – Dr. A.C. Vanjani
3. Internal Financial Frauds – Detection and Prevention – Shehnaaz Nazkani
Theme 2 : Marketing, Retail, Logistics and HRM
4. Soft Skills for Nanagement Students – Dr.(Mrs.) Anjali Verma
5. Work Life Balance- An Emerging Challenge of HR – Prof. Rakhee Oza
6. India – A Potential Market for Mobile Apps – Mrs. Prachi A.Raut
7. Negative Emotions and Counterprocuctive Work Behaviour – Meghna Basu Thakur, Jyotika Varmani
8. Marketing of Library Procucts and Service in Academic Libraries: A Practical Approach – Mrs. Ligimol Benny
9. The Application of e-HRM:With Special Reference to e-Recruitment – Shital Mehta, Dr. Arvind S. Luhar
10. E-commerce Growth in India-2014 – Bhavesh Delip Khanted
Theme 3 : Banking, Finance, Accountancy and E-Governance
11. Study of Employee’s Perception towards Hob Satisfaction in Banking-A Comparative Study on Public and Private Sector Bank –Dr. Ashish Shashikant Joshi
12. Motivation – A Key to Sucess for Banking Sector – Dr. Megha Somani, Ms. Suvaiba Shirshikar
13. A Study of the Financial Performance of Non-banking Financial Companies in India in 2013-14 – Dr. Meghna Chotaliya
14. CHITFUNDS: ‘Time for New Amendments’ – Kesia Varghese Amol Subhash kadam
15. Role of FDE in the Development of Industrial Sector in the Indian Economy – Prof. Jayesh K. Rana
16. Financial Analysis of Slum Occupants – Mr. Hiresh S. Luhar
17. A Study on the Applicability of Forensic Accounting: A Panoramic View in Global and Indian Context – Mr. Essaikimuthu, Madaswany Konar, Mr. Shrinivas Aiyar
18. Study of Loans disbursed, Gross Operating Income and Profit of GRUH Finance Ltd. – Prof.Mahesh Shriram Sathe
19. A Study on the Impact of Regulatory announcements on Price Volatility and Trading Volume in Relation to Automobile Sector – Dr. Megha Somani, Prof. Lohrasp Sadri
Theme 4 : Inclusive Growth, Infrastructural Development and Economic Indicators
20. Micro-finance-Tool for Poverty Alleviation – Manikandan Lyer, Dr. R.M. Bhalerao
21. Micro Insurance in India-Prospects and Challenges – Dr. Megha Somani, Mrs. Rashmi Shetty
22. Inclusive Growth of Minorities and the their Educational Development – Prof. Rajesh H. Bhoite
23. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana-Best platform for Inclusive Growth – Dr. Subhash Antom D’souza
24. Game Of Financial Inclusion in India – Differences between Government sand RBI – Dr. Richa Jain
25. New Solutions for Mumbai City Transportation – Aditya Milind Ketkar
26. Declining Poverty in India – Reality or Myth? – Durgesh Kumar Dubey, Mahendra Mishra
27. Determinants and Forecast of Prices in India: A VAR Framework – Cindrella Shah, Nilesh Ghonasgi
28. A Study on Impact of MCGM Scheme on Employment Generation in Mumbai City – CMA(Dr.) Kinnarry Thakkar Pankaj Dayanand Pandagale


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