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New Venture Creation and Management


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Teaching and learning should be like pleasure to discover new outlook and to attain greater heights of knowledge. The basic purpose of teaching is to look after curiosity in such a manner that clear value addition takes place.

The book “New Venture Creation and Management” offers an overview of the concept, explanation, illustrations, problems and best practices associated with some key areas of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, woman entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial Development programs, business idea development, business plans and organizational and marketing plan.

While teaching different subject to students of management and commerce we strongly felt the need for a text book which would be written in simple explanation and simple illustrative language with sufficient support from real business world information. Students of management and commerce programs come from different streams, many of them have never studied the concepts, like entrepreneurship, Woman entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial development programs, business ides development, business plans and organizational and marketing plan.

This book is designed provided the need for all categories of students by giving simple explanation and illustrations.

Although the book is designed to promote self learning, yet no one can deny the role of a teacher in an effective learning process. Therefore, the book has many supplements to facilitate teachers of the course in more efficient discharge of their lectures and dissemination of knowledge.

We believe that the book is suited for self-study. The acquired knowledge will definitely be more delicate and dept h compared with what can be achieved under the guidance of an experienced instructor. It provides an up-to- date first foundation for informed discussion.


Contents :

Unit – 1 Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
Unit – 2 Women Entrepreneurship
Unit – 3 Entrepreneurial Development Programmers
Unit – 4 Business Idea
Unit – 5 Business Plans
Unit – 6 Organisational and Marketing Plan


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Ravi S. P.,

S.K. Podder,

Venkatesh Babu S.


Himalaya pub