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This book is an attempt, probably among the first, at a critical history of post-Second War Economic Analysis centering on the contributions of the forty and above “Nobel” Economists. These contributions have been appraised in background of the developments in economics from the Twenties onwards. There is also a thematic survey of major analytical contributions in the modern period. Parallels between modern developments and earlier contributions have been touched upon. The standpoint throughout is that of the classical and the post-classical perspectives. The relevance of the Nobel contributions to development economics is examined and an account of the Sraffian economics in the light of synthesis along Marshallian and Schumpeterian lines has also been provided. The treatment throughout is abstract and can be grasped by research scholars all over the world.

Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Pre-Nobel Economics: From The Mid-Twenties To The Mid-Forties
3. Major Developments In Economics In The Post-Second War Period
4. Statics And Dynamics, Theory, Growth Empirics (Frisch, Tinbergen, Samuelson, Kuznets)
5. General Equilibrium, Welfare (Hicks And Arrow)
6. Input-Output, Economics And Social System, Programming (Leontief, Hayek, Myrdal, Kantarovich And Koopmans)
7. Money, Trade, Organisation, Development (friedman, Meade, Ohlin, Simon, Schultz & Lewis)
8. Macro-Models, Finance, Industry, Value, Social Accounts (Kleins, Tobin, Stigler, Debreu & Stone)
9. Saving, Public Choice, Growth, Allocation, Econometrics (Modigliani, Buchanan, Solow, Allais & Haavelmo)
10. Portfolios, Social Costs, Family Economics (Markowitz, Miller, Sharpe, Coase & Becker)
11. Cliomertrics, Game Theory (North, Fogel, Nash, Harsanyi & Selten)
12. Rational Expectations, Information Asymmetry, Derivatives (Robert J. Lucas-William, J. Vickrey, James Mirrlees, Robert.C.Merton & Myron Scholes)
13. Social Choice & Applied Welfare (Amartya Sen)
14. Nobel Economics & Developing Countries
15. Aspects Of Nobel Economics And Awards
16. Nobel Peer Economics
17. The Tradition Of Classical Economics: Piero Sraffa And Others And In A Different Light
18. Concluding Observations


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