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Object Oriented Programming Through C++


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This book aims to gain the attention of the interested reader to learn the C++ programming language for enhancing their knowledge on object oriented programming. This book will definitely act as a platform for various categories of programmers to improve their programming skills. When compared with the procedural programming languages, the object oriented programming languages are providing more security to the data. In OOPs, the bottom up approach is followed. With this approach, the data redundancy is reduced and it leads to focus on data not on the functions.

In the book, the chapters are organized to help the reader from procedural language details to advanced concepts of object oriented programming. All the fractures of object oriented programming are arranged in a structured manner such that the reader can easily develop programs. For each chapter, sample programs are provided to describe the application of each and every topic. To gain the command over the programming, the reader requires a lot of exposure to the development of programs. So, in each chapter, sample programs are also provided for improving the reader’s performance. The Appendix allows the reader to gain insight of useful details such as I/O streams, Files, additional programs and highlights. With this information, the present book becomes a well organized and professional manual reference guide for C++ programmers.


Contents –

1. Introduction to C++
2. Basics of C++
3. Classes and Objects
4. Costructors and Destructors
5. Function Overloading, Operator Overloading
6. Inheritance
7. Pointers
8. Binding Polymorphisms and Virtual Functions
9. Generic Programming with Templates
10. Exception Handling
11. Overview of Standard Template Library
Appendix A – Input and Output Streams in C++
Appendix B – Files in C++
Appendix C – Additional Programs
Appendix D – Points to remember in C++




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Dr. B.N. Jagadesh,

Dr. Ch. Satyanarayana,

Dr. M. Radhika Man


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