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Organisational Behaviour (1st Year BBA, Kurukshetra Univ)


The book on Organisational Behaviour covers essential topics related to understanding and managing human behaviour within an organisational context. It begins with an exploration of the definition and fundamental concepts of Organisational Behaviour (OB), providing insights into the historical background that has shaped this field. The section on Motivation delves into its definition, importance, motives, characteristics, and various content theories. Additionally, the book explores Morale, defining its relationship with productivity and examining indicators of morale.

Leadership is a central theme, with the book presenting an in-depth analysis of different leadership theories, including Trait Theory, Behavioural theories, Contingency Theories, Transactional Theories, and Transformational Leadership Theory. Each theory is explored to understand the nuances of effective leadership within organisations. Group Dynamics and Team Building are also integral components, with a focus on the concepts of groups and teams. The book explores various theories of group formation, highlighting different types of groups and underscoring the importance of team building in the workplace. Throughout the book, practical insights and theoretical frameworks are provided to help readers apply these concepts in real-world organisational settings, fostering a comprehensive understanding of organisational behaviour and its impact on individual and group dynamics within the workplace.


Contents –

1. Organisational Behaviour
2. Motivation
3. Morale
4. Leadership
5. Leadership Theories
6. Group
7. Team
Case Studies



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Pooja Gupta,

Rohit Garg


Himalaya pub


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