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Organisational Behaviour


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In order to cope up with seismic changes such as deregulation, globalization and digitalization affecting each organization, today there is a need for companies to build up a strong and talented work force who will be able to deal with these constant changes. This book tries to focus on the behavioural aspect of all individuals who from the core component of any business organization.

Highlights of the book –
– Usage of simple language easily understood by the readers.
– Many real Indian examples to facilitate clarity of various issues and concepts.
– OB ha been dealt with, at the individual group, system and international levels.
– Exclusive coverage of ‘Knowledge Management’, a very important and contemporary topic.
– Clarifying relevant issues through boxes. These boxes highlight how corporate house handle employees such that they give best to the organization.
– Exclusive coverage of two real organizations as case studies to facilitate linkage of theory with practice.


Contents :

Part – I : Introduction
1. Introduction to Organisational Behaviour
2. Historical View of Organisation Behaviour
Part – II : Individual Determinants of Organisational Behaviour
3. Understanding of Individual Behaviour
4. Values Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
5. Perception
6. Personality
7. Motivation
8. Learning
9. Career Management
10. Stress Management
Part – III : Group Interactions and Organisational Behaviour
11. Group Dynamics
12. Communication
13. Leadership
14. Power, Realpolitik and Ethics
15. Conflict Resolution
Part – IV : Organisation System Issues
16. Organisational Structure, Design and Culture
17. Organisational Change and Development
Part – V : international Organisational Behaviour and Knowledge Management
18. International Organisational Behaviour and Knowledge Management
Part – VI : Cases




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Dr. Suja R. Nair


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