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Organisational Behaviour (Pune Univ)


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Intensified competition among domestic private and public sector companies and multinational companies consequent upon globalisation, economic boom and recessionary conditions along with changed demographic factors like increase in women employees, aging populations, shortage of talented employees and adapted mindset and attitude of the people brought paradigm shifts in organisational and competitive strategies. Different competitive strategies need distinctive behaviours of employees. In fact, effective strategy implementation depends on the appropriate employee behaviour. Thus, appropriate employee behaviour assumes greater significance after globalisation and consequent economic boom and recession. Now, most of the organisations recognised the emerging vitality of appropriate employee behaviour based on organisational strategies and placed organisational behavioural issues at strategic level in the organisational hierarchy.

This book is endowed with latest information, development and data on job design and alternate work arrangements, strategic organisational behaviour, counseling, mentoring and empowerment and decision-making in multiple modes like updated text, boxes, figures, tables, exhibits and cases.


Contents :

1. Fundamentals of Organisational Behaviour
2. Individual Process and Behaviour
3. Interpersonal Process and Behaviour, Team and Leadership Development
4. Organisation System
5. Managing Change



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Year of publication

2013, 2018





Dr. Mahesh Shitole,

Dr. P. Subba Rao,

Dr. Sweta Banerjee


Himalaya pub