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When people work in organisations, it is important to know and understand the behaviour of each other. In order to maintain healthy environment, every one in the organisation need to adapt to the environment and understand the goals one need to achieve. The components of behaviour (OB) help every one to understand the behaviour of each other and facilitate smooth running of the organisation.

OB helps in understanding the interpersonal relationships employees share and lower subordinates. It explains the nature of individual behaviour. It provides a base to balance the cardinal relationship in an enterprise by maintaining effective communication.

Thus, OB covers the issues of intra behaviour, inter-behaviour and organisational behaviour.

This book on organisational behaviour covers OB aspects such as found actions of organisational behaviour, individual behaviour, organisation systems and resources, personality, perception, group and team dynamics, change management and organisational development.

The book is written in an easily understandable style. Summary and study questions are given at the end of the each chapter to well internalise the subject by readers.


Contents –

Module – I: Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
1. Introduction to Organisational Behaviour
Module – II: Individual Behaviour
2. Foundations of Individual Behaviour
3. Personality
4. Learning
5. Attitude
6. Perception
Module – III: Group and Team Dynamics
7. Group and Team Dynamics
8. Team Dynamics
9. Conflict Management
10. Interpersonal Relationship (IPR)
Module – IV: Motivation and Leadership
11. Motivation
12. Leadership
Module – V: Dynamics of Organizational Behaviours
13. Organisational Change
14. Organisational Development






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B. S. Vishwanatha,

H.A. Bhaskara,

Madhu S.,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah


Himalaya pub