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Personal Growth And Interpersonal Effectiveness


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The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it and lyes today our satisfaction delivered by letting the beauty of learning and knowledge in this Personal Growth and Interpersonal Effectiveness textbook. Personal Growth and Interpersonal Effectiveness is our first edition and it is an effort to blend practice and theory and to bring our comprehensive textbook to cater to the needs of students of various Universities and professional examinations such as MBA, M.Com., B.B.A, B.Com., P.G. Diploma in Business Management, Personal Management and Industrial Relations, etc. The book has been written to cater to the needs of student’s appearing in such examinations.

Although there is no dearth of books on this subject, this book is unique, as its presentation of the subject matter is simple and logical aimed at being user-friendly. The book contains 15 chapters taking up different aspects of the subject such as Personal Growth, Personal Growth theories, Personal Development, Pedagogy and Job Satisfaction, Employee Counselling, Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Theories of Interpersonal effectiveness, Team Building and Conflict Management. Answers to some questions of model papers make this book extremely student-friendly. At the end of each chapter , questions have been given to enable the students to best their post ready acquisition of knowledge.



1. Personal Growth
2. Personal Growth Theories
3. Personal Development
4. Pedagogy and Andragogy
5. Learning and Behaviour Modifications
6. Emotion
7. Thinking
8. Behaviours
9. Job Satisfaction
10. Employee Counselling
11. Personal Effectiveness
12. Interpersonal Effectiveness
13. Theories of Interpersonal Effectiveness
14. Team Building
15. Conflict Management


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N.K. Ranachandra Gowda,

Shyam Boregowda Ramu,

Y.T. Krishne Gowda


Himalaya pub