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Police Administration


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This work while tracing the history of the Bombay City Police evaluates the functioning of the police system during the most formative period of the British rule in Bombay. It was during this time that the foundation of police administration in Bombay was laid.

The book gives an interesting account of the stages in the evolution of the Police administration as it had to meet the ever growing demands, pressures and problems created by the rapidly increasing population of the metro polis in the 19th century.

The book discusses in detail various aspects of Police administration such as recruitment of personnel, nature and variety of crimes, problems of apprehension of criminals, the nature and methods of punishment, problems of housing for the police, setting up of police chowkies, the beat system, police finance and other topics.

The book, written in a lucid style, is based on meticulous study of a wealth of un published and untapped records and sources in the archives of Bombay and the India Office Library, London.

It should therefore, be of considerable interest to the police administrator, the judge, the legislator, the academician and the general public.

Contents –

1. Prolegamenon
2. Evaluation of the Bombay Police
3. Supremacy of the Bombay Police
4. Three Aspects of the Bombay Police
5. The Bombay Police Administration Streamlined
6. Reorganisation and Reforms
7. Administration and Personnel
8. Conclusion
9. Appendices
10. Bibliography
11. Maps and Photographs


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