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Corporate Administration (Bangalore Univ)


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It gives us immense pleasure in presenting the second edition of the book titled “Corporate Administration” under the new CBCS syllabus of first semester B.Com. of Bangalore University. The book is not the new one with the fulcrum of the subject information which is added by Bangalore University on the revised syllabus under new dispensation.

The present book adequately takes care of the amendments of the Companies Act, 2013. The matter is presented in a lucid manner considering the ease of learning for the beginners in Corporate Administration phenomenon. The five chapters relating to Introduction to Company, Dimensions of Formation of Company, Company Administration, Corporate Meetings and Global Companies are comprehensively covered. The book is simple but profound and rich in comprehending all aspects of Corporate Administration. Every chapter begins with learning objectives and subsequently methodological arrangement of syllabus contents with the living examples. The chapter ends with objective, analytical and essay questions. The added feature of the book is giving skill development component materials and exercises. The book is more worthy to own and the constructive suggestions from the reading communities are expected to further strengthen the present edition.


Contents –

1. Company – An Overview
2. Formation of Companies
3. Basic Documents
4. Company Administration
5. Company Secretary
6. Corporate Meetings
7. Global Companies
8. Annexures



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2018, 2016



Dr. B. Chandrashekara,

Dr. K. Ramachandra,

Prof. Alla Bakash S.


Himalaya pub