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Principles of Economics (Macro)


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The vagaries of business across the globe are more evident than ever before. The economic events that take place at macro level have impact on businesses, households and governments. The policymakers strive to maintain a harmonious economic environment. At this backdrop, recourse to macroeconomics becomes more vital.

This book is especially designed for the management students who want to peep into macroeconomic literature in pursuit of better understanding of macroeconomic concepts and problems. The authors have made an attempt to explore and discuss some of the core macroeconomic topics in a systematic and lucid manner.

Book Content of Principles of Economics (Macro)

Chapter One : Introduction to Macroeconomics

  1. Definitions and Scope of Macroeconomics
  2. Importance of Macroeconomic Studies
  3. Limitations of Macroeconomics
  4. Multiple Choice Questions
  5. Model Questions

Chapter Two : National Income Accounting

  1. National Income Accounts
  2. The Meaning of National Income
  3. Circular Flow of National Income
  4. Stock and Flow Concepts
  5. National Income at Current Price and at Constant Price
  6. Various Concepts of Income
  7. Methods for Measurement of National Income
  8. Difficulties in Measurement of National Income
  9. Multiple Choice Questions
  10. Model Questions

Chapter Three : The Keynesian Macroeconomic Theory

  1. Introduction
  2. The Principle of Effective Demand
  3. Consumption Function
  4. Investment Function
  5. Keynesian Theory of National Income Dtermination
  6. An Outline of the Keynesian Theory of Employment
  7. Shortcomings of Keynesian Theory
  8. Multiple Choice Questions
  9. Model Questions

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