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Probation in Southern States


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Our society is undergoing fast changes and it certainly has substantial influence on the beliefs, attitudes and behavior patterns of people, especially young. Some of them turn to deviancy. Naturally, those convicted in cases would be sent to prison and returning to the very same society as hardened criminals. It has become a vicious circle so that the numbers of those who indulge in crimes are increasing. It is a serious threat to the basic fabric of the society but still this threat remains silent and insidious.

Conversely, once a person involves in a crime, he is branded lifelong as a criminal causing damages.

Probation is accepted world over as modern method of dealing with offenders and an alternative to imprisonment.

The present diagnostic study on probation supervision points out, in minute detail, the positive and negative ramifications relating to probation supervision mainly undertaken by ill-equipped Probation Officers.

The Probation of offenders Act, 1958 and State Rules which empowers the Courts to release certain offenders on probation, for his reformation and rehabilitation, under the supervision of a Probation Officer is inadequately used.

The pioneering research on this topic is expected to generate scientific awareness on probation supervision and the book would be a handy reference to students, policymakers, correctional officers and to public spirited citizens.


Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Review of Literature
3. Methodology
4. Analysis and Interpretation of Data
5. Findings, Suggestions and Conclusions


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