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Production and Operations Management


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This book will act as a comprehensive guide to ‘Production and Operations Management. It covers everything from the history to the latest techniques used in production and operations management. The first two chapters introduce production and operations management. It explains their roles and functions within a company. Chapter 3 discusses the operations strategy and its significance towards achieving competitive edge. Chapter 4 discusses the different techniques regarding the forecasting of future demand. Chapter 5 focuses on the role of innovation in the product design and development process. Chapter 6 explains how to plan and control production using techniques like the master production schedule. Chapter 7 explores how technologies like automation and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can improve efficiency. Chapter 8 covers this topic including purchasing and inventory control. Chapter 9 explains how supply chains are vital for businesses for a competitive advantage. Chapter 10 discusses project management techniques like the Critical Path Method (CPM). Chapter 11 explores the aspects comprising the importance of strategic location and layout for a production facility. Chapter 12 covers the objectives and practices of maintenance management. Chapter 13 introduces work study techniques that can analyse and improve work processes. Finally, Chapter 14 explores contemporary approaches to production and operations management. This book will go a long way as it primarily focuses on the role of production and operations management for successful business operations. The students in the fields of Engineering, Commerce, and Management will find this book very useful.

Contents –

1. Production Management
2. Operations Management
3. Operations Strategy
4. Forecasting
5. Product and Process Design
6. Production Planning and Control (PPC)
7. Operations Technology
8. Materials, Purchase, and Inventory Management
9. Supply Chain Management
10. Project Management
11. Plant Location and Layout
12. Maintenance Management
13. Work Study
14. New Approaches to Production and Operations Management


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Chanchal Dey,

Dr. Debasish Biswas,

Dr. Nirmal Chandra Roy


Himalaya pub


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