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Production and Operations Management (Bengaluru Univ)


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We have pleasure in offering, Production and Operations Management to the Semester II BBM students of Bangalore University. A student of BBM is expected to possess some knowledge about how goods and services are being produced and offered to the end-users, as he or she is going to involve in decision-making. Hence, this paper in BBA Course and hence, our book too.

Production and Operations Management comprehensibly covers the syllabus and is rich in pedagogic. We hope that the book would serve the purpose for which it is being brought out.


Book Content of Production and Operations Management
      Chapter − 1 Introduction to Production and Operations Management
      Chapter − 2 Automation
      Chapter − 3 Plant Location
      Chapter − 4 Plant Layout
      Chapter − 5 Organisation of Physical Facility – Building
      Chapter − 6 Organisation of Physical Facilities (Lighting, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Sanitation and Noise Control)
        A. Plant Lighting
        B. Ventilation
        C. Air-conditioning
        D. Industrial Sanitation
        E. Noise Control
      Chapter − 7 Safety
      Chapter − 8 Materials Management
      Chapter − 9 Purchasing
      Chapter − 10 Materials Handling
      Chapter − 11 Materials Storing
      Chapter − 12 Inventory Management
      Chapter − 13 Job Design and Ergonomics
      Chapter − 14 Production Planning and Control
      Chapter − 15 Quality Control
      Chapter − 16 Time and Motion Study (Includes Work Measurement)
      Chapter − 17 Plant Maintenance
    Chapter − 18 Waste Management

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G.Sudarsana Reddy,

K. Aswathappa


Himalaya pub