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Public Relations Management


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Public Relations Management is required in vexing times. Therefore, it is important for PR practitioners to generate trust in the minds of stakeholders. Various public relations disciplines, changing role of PR and increase in PR status has led to the resilient growth in PR. Allied dimensions such as Marketing Public Relations, Corporate Advertising with various PR tools are major highlights of the book. Crisis Communication, Media Relations, Consumerism, NGO Activism and Strategies for creating awareness to change the opinion of general public are the special features of the book.

All the facets of Public Relations arena have been covered under “Public Relations Management”. The latest information is incorporated here. It has a racy and breezy style of narrating practical insights, and corporate snapshots. Valuable Aid and Relook proves to be a companion for the academicians and practitioners for Public Relations, Marketing, Communication and Management.

Contents :

1. Introduction to Public Relations Management
2. Public Relations Organisation and Structure
3. Selection of a Good Public Relations Personnel
4. Public Relations Strategies
5. Corporate Identity and Public Relations
6. Public Relations Strategy for Damage Control
7. Public Relations Communication
8. Public Relations Tools
9. Public Relations Skills and Evaluation
10. Ethics in Public Relations Management
11. Educating Public through Public Relations
12. NGO Activism and Outsourcing PR


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