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Relational Database Management Systems (Telangana Univ)


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Information at hand is a valuable resource to any organization for it enables the enterprise to draw analogies and analyses. While computer software as such provides an efficient means of processing information, it is the database system that enables storing and retrieving of information in most efficient manner.

This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundementals of Database Management Systems where the theoritcal concepts are explained in an easy to understand manner while according equal weightage to the practical aspect of the subject. The principles of database management systems are dealt in depth here.

The various approaches to data models, relative advantages of relational models are expressed in detail and the Entities, different types of entities, attributes and relationships are discussed with relevant examples and E-R diagrams. The concept of Normalization:, its forms and its constraints are dealt keeping in mind for a students preparation for their examinations. The Lingua Franca of database world SQL includes DDL, DML and DCL commands:, and the same are expalined with syntaxes and suitable examples including Joins, Indexes and Table Handling Techniques. The student will now have a clear understanding of topics like transactions and Concurrency Management as these are explained elaborately with necessary examples. To cater to the needs of the students, an attempt has been made to give them clarity on Distributed databases, client server databases and advanced topics like NoSQL databases and data warehouse.


Contents –

1.Basic Concepts
2.Database Integrity and Normalization
3.Structured Query Language (SQL)
4.Transactions and Concurrency Management
5.Distributed and Client Server Databases
LAB: SQL Queries Based on Various Commands


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K. Maheshwari,

M. Vijay,

Md. Minhajuddin,

Tulasi Ram Kandula


Himalaya pub