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Research Methodology In Social Sciences


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This book has been so designed as to familiarize a beginner with the basic concepts of research, approaches to research, categories of research, preparation of research proposals, etc., on the one hand and to train him in the use of basic mathematical and statistical methods for his advantage. A researcher with no mathematical background will find it an acceptable foundation course in quantitative techniques. Research methodology is also taught as a basic course in the recently introduced M. Phil. programmers in many Indian Universities. The book, we hope, shall cater to their requirements as well.


Contents :

Section 1 : Theory of Research
1. Introduction to Research
2. Concept or Research
3. Approaches to Research
4. Types of Research
5. Formulation of Research Proposal
6. Sources of Information
7. Writing of Research Report
Section 2 : Basic Mathematics
8. Use of Mathematics in Social Science
9. Revision of Elementary Algebra
10. Linear and Quadratic Equations
11. Set Theory
12. Differential Calculus
13. Integration
14. Matrix Algebra
Section 3 : Research Methods
(A) Research Data
15. Collection of Data
16. Sampling Techniques
17. Classification and Tabulation
18. Graphic Presentation of Data
(B) Analysis of Data
19. Measures of Central Tendency
20. Measures of Variability
21. Correlation
22. Linear Regression
23. Interpolation
24. Theory of Attributes
25. Association of Attributes
26. Sociometry
27. Scaling Techniques
(C) Testing of Research Results
28. Elementary Probability Theory
29. Testing of Hypotheses
30. Interpretation of Statistical Data


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