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Revolution and Transformation in Information Technology


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The collection of Research Articles on “Revolution and Transformation in Information Technology”.

A technical academic paper will typically include five main sections : Introduction, Research and Literature Review, Experimental Investigations, Results and Conclusions. Needless to say, it takes a lot of dedication and hardwork to investigate and prepare the research papers that adds to the existing knowledge-base in their respective field of expertise.

Hearty congratulations to all the research scholars who have presented their papers in this event. National conferences of this kind enables the getting together of the experts in the chosen field from across Indian Universities / institutions to share ideas and constructively move forward.


Contents –

Group A : Revolution in IT Sector
1. Pattern Mining for Zero Day Vulnerability — Mr. Gokul Choudhary
2. The Convergence of Cloud Computing, Mobility and Big Data — Mr. Hiren Dand, Dr. G.K. Gupta
3. Artificial Neural Netwrok – An Application Oriented Overview — Mrs. Kiran Sumit Dalmiya
4. The Emerging Technological Trends and its Impacts in Software Development in the New Computing Era : A Comprehensive Study — G.B. Hema Latha
5. Different Mechanisms of Cloud Storage — Prof. Kiran Gurbani
6. Time Management Traffic Signal — Ms. Nisha Gajraj Yadav
7. Feeling Machines and Transformations in the World — Mrs. Nandini Nilesh Kadam
8. Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in Environmental Management (Case Study of Thane Creek) — Mrs. Sandhya Kapil Thakkar, Iaswaryalakshmi Srinivasan
9. Data Mining in Education Sector — Mrs. Sandhya P. Pandey
10. The Mathematical Enactment in ARM Processor — Mrs. Tejaswini Shivsharan
11. Protecting Software Code using Code Obfuscation Techniques — Mr. Vishal Borude, Mr. Jojan Mathai
12. Revolutions and Transformations in Operation Systems — Mrs. Aarti Milind Nerkar
13. An Energy Aware Algorithm for Embedded Real-time Systems — Shubhangi Prabhu, Dr. Sunil Surve
14. Faculty Performance Evaluation using Data Mining — Prof. Swarupa Gogate
15. Revolution in IT Sector in Data Warehousing and Data Mining — Praseena Biju, N. Vidya Iyangar
16. Vision of Blue Eyes Technology –Mrs.Prajakta Swapnil Kamble
Group B : Role of IT in Various Zones
17. Enhancing Professional Competencies using Information Technology : Case Study of K.J. Somaiya Polytechnic — Mrs. Lalla Aanchal, Mrs. Pai Chandrakala
18. E-Government Architecture in Cloud Computing Environment — Prof. Minal Dive
19. Role of IT in “Library Management” — Prof. Bhavini Savla, Prof. Pooja R. Tambe
20. Role of ICT in Education — Dr. I.G. Ruqqia
21. Role of IT in Travel Industry — Ms. Leena Pratap Shewale
22. E-Retailing in India — Dr. Padmaja Arvind, Booma V. Halpeth
23. Information Technology in Medial and Wellness Industry : “Medical Tourism” — Mr. Ameya M. Joshi, Ms. Samrudhi D. Thakur
24. Green Computing : An Eco-friendly Computing — Chumkey Dey, Leena R. Jadhav
25. Role and Impact of Information Communication Technology on Libraries — Bharathi V. Rao
26. Health Information Technology : Benefits and Problems — Prof. Anu T. Thomas
27. E-Payments Newbies — Prof. Ranjana J. Mhalgi


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