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Rural Poverty and Human Development : Linkages and Implications


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The book entitled “Rural Poverty and Human Development: Linkages and Implications” is based on original research conducted by the author during her Ph.D. programme. The material in the book has been synthesized from authors own findings and when it becomes necessary references are made on the available findings of others. The book is based on a ?sample survey of 200 households consisting of 100 poor and 100 non-poor households. The book mainly emphasized on how non-economic factors directly or indirectly affect rural poverty. Recently the non-economic factors of poverty have been emphasized by several scholars, including Professor Amartya Sen, in this context present book assumes importance. The nexus between economic factor and poverty is also discussed in the book. The book runs in 6 Chapters. Chapter 1 deals with the meaning, type and methods of measurement of poverty as well as the scope of the present research. Brief reviews of previous studies conducted on various aspects of poverty are presented in chronological order under subheads in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 describes about the methods and procedures employed for undertaking the investigation and techniques of data collection. Appropriate statistical tools are also used for analysis of data to meet the objectives of the present study. Information pertinent to the research site has been presented in Chapter 4. Each and every chapter has its own importance but the most important one is chapter 5 as it highlights about the important findings of present study. This chapter describes in detail about the observations and findings of each and every objective under subheads. The chapter 6 covers summary of research findings and conclusions drawn. In last, references collected while conducting present investigation and its compilation have also been presented for the benefits of researchers in future. In this book each chapter is presented in easy and simple language with appropriate tables and diagrams. The finding of present investigation is so graded that research scholar, specialists in poverty/rural development, policy planner and those interested in welfare of rural people could benefit from this book.




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Mrs. (Dr.) Veena Kumari


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