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Service Marketing Sem V (Mumbai Univ)


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This textbook is for the students and professionals who recognise the vital role that Services play in the economy and its future. The developed economies in the world are now dominated by the Service Sector. The role of Services is growing in the developing economy day by day. The product selling company is also appreciating the role of services and now striving to make services as their unique selling proposition. Services have now become one of the important differentiating factors for the companies in the marketplace. We wrote this book in recognition of the ever-growing importance of the services and the unique challenges faced by the services managers of services.

The present book is about the organization, operation and growth of the service sectors in India. A student of BMS often finds that service policies can be understood much better, and they can be analyzed more realistically if he has a good understanding of the actual functioning of the various parts of the Service Sector Management. This book highlights the growth of the service sector, in respect of its size, changes in its organizational structure, and the occurrence of diversification and innovations. While doing so, it combines the factual and analytical aspects of the discussions in a balanced manner. The merit of this book is that it gives the reader a fairly complete idea about the functioning of the whole set of banking and other services in covering all their major aspects in single volume. In this edition, an effort has been made to incorporate professional examples at relevant places in the book.

It is a matter of great pleasure to present the second revised edition of this book on Service Marketing to the students and teachers of Third Year Bachelor of Management Studies course started by University of Mumbai. This book is strictly designed as per new syllabus from the academic year 2018-19 guidelines. The book presents the subject matter in a simple and convincing language.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Services Marketing
2. Key Elements of Services Marketing Mix
3. Managing Quality Aspects of Services Marketing
4. Marketing of Services
Objective Type Questions
University Question Paper



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Dr. Jay Prakash Verma,

Dr. Rupal Shroff,

Dr.Nishikant Jha


Himalaya pub